How to set up an Elliott Wave on cTrader? 

Updated on May 8, 2024
  • Since cTrader doesn’t have a built-in Elliott Wave indicator, we need to download one. 
  • Click on the “f” icon to open the indicators menu. 
  • Search for “Elliott wave” in the search bar. 
  • The search results will display the Elliott Wave Oscillator. Click on it to open a browser window for cTrader. 
  • Download the Elliott Wave indicator from the browser window. 
  • After downloading, click on the file to automatically install it in cTrader. 
  • Return to cTrader to see the installation success alert. 
  • To apply the Elliott Wave indicator to your chart, go back to the “f” icon, and under the custom tab, you’ll find the newly installed indicator. 
  • Before applying the indicator, you might be asked to confirm certain conditions. You can change the panel option from “New Panel” to “Chart” for a more traditional view of the indicator. 
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