Myfxbook is one of the leading social trading sites; it allows users to share, analyse, track, and compare their trading activities.

Use Myfxbook to set up auto-trading to follow traders that you have selected, or set yourself up as the lead trader in an auto trading network. The usability and intuitive nature of the Myfxbook interface allows for ease of use and common sense inputs and outputs.

Key Benefits of Myfxbook:

  • Trading account analysis shows trading habits and statistical trends produced by your trading behaviour
  • Innovative and intuitive user interface to keep you up to date with the market
  • Public record of competency for Money Managers, your trades can be displayed on Myfxbooks public systems page
  • Publish your account statements
  • Develop, compare, and improve your trading skills using the help of the Myfxbook community
  • Multiple chart setups
  • Automated trading
  • Order execution capabilities
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