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TradingView with BlackBull Markets

TradingView Pro takes your trading to the next level with advanced charting tools including additional indicators per chart, viewing multiple charts per view, and server-side alerts.

Why TradingView Pro?

Five Indicators per chart

TradingView Pro’s five Indicators per chart gives you the power to make more informed trading decisions with a more comprehensive and detailed view of the markets, giving you a trading edge.

Twenty Server-side alerts

TradingView Pro’s twenty server-side alerts feature is a powerful tool that helps traders stay on top of the markets. With this feature, traders receive text, email, or in-platform alerts, ensuring they never miss an important trading opportunity.

Custom time intervals

Spot the patterns most traders don’t see. TradingView Pro’s custom time interval feature lets you view the charts at any possible timeframe, helping you see what others cannot and unlocking endless trading possibilities.

Ad Free

TradingView Pro is completely ad-free, providing you with an immersive trading experience without any annoying ads, meaning you can focus on what matters the most, the charts!

Download TradingView

You can either download TradingView for Mobile here or from within our Secure Client Area after creating an account. For Apple and Android users, simply download by clicking on the appropriate button to the right. Otherwise, TradingView can be accessed from any major browser from Desktop and Mobile.

How to get started?

Connect BlackBull Markets to TradingView and enjoy the best of both trading platforms

Step 1

Create a Live BlackBull Markets Trading Account

Step 2

Fund Your Account

Use our Secure Client Area to fund your account and start trading

Step 3

Connect Your Account

Connect to your BlackBull Markets account

Step 4

Trade One Lot

Trade one lot per month and get TradingView Pro for free

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