Trading Hour Changes

Updated on June 5, 2024

All times are server time (GMT+3)

SymbolTypeMonday 10th of JuneWednesday 19th of June
FXFXNormal HoursNormal Hours
XAUUSDMetalsNormal HoursEarly Close 21:30
XAUEURMetalsNormal HoursEarly Close 21:30
XAGEURMetalsNormal HoursEarly Close 21:30
XAGUSDMetalsNormal HoursEarly Close 21:30
XPDUSDMetalsNormal HoursEarly Close 21:30
XPTUSDMetalsNormal HoursEarly Close 21:30
CryptosCryptosNormal HoursNormal Hours
NE25IndexNormal HoursNormal Hours
AUS200IndexLate Open 10:10Normal Hours
DE40IndexNormal HoursNormal Hours
DJ30IndexNormal HoursEarly Close 20:00
ES35IndexNormal HoursNormal Hours
F40IndexNormal HoursNormal Hours
HK50IndexClosedNormal Hours
JP225IndexNormal HoursEarly Close 20:00
STOXX50IndexNormal HoursNormal Hours
SWI20IndexNormal HoursNormal Hours
UK100IndexNormal HoursEarly Close 23:00
US500IndexNormal HoursEarly Close 20:00
NAS100IndexNormal HoursEarly Close 20:00
Shares .DESharesNormal HoursNormal Hours
Shares .MCSharesNormal HoursNormal Hours
Shares .PASharesNormal HoursNormal Hours
Shares .OQSharesNormal HoursClosed
Shares .PSharesNormal HoursClosed
Shares .NSharesNormal HoursClosed
Shares .ASSharesNormal HoursNormal Hours
Shares .HKSharesClosedNormal Hours
Shares .OSharesNormal HoursClosed
USOIL.cEnergiesNormal HoursEarly Close 21:30
UKOIL.cEnergiesNormal HoursEarly Close 20:15
WTIEnergiesNormal HoursEarly Close 20:15
DE40.fExpiring FuturesNormal HoursEarly Close 23:00
DJ30.fExpiring FuturesNormal HoursEarly Close 20:00
US500.fExpiring FuturesNormal HoursEarly Close 20:00
USOIL.fExpiring FuturesNormal HoursEarly Close 21:30
USTEC.fExpiring FuturesNormal HoursEarly Close 20:00
GOLD.fExpiring FuturesNormal HoursEarly Close 21:30
DX.fExpiring FuturesNormal HoursNormal Hours
FLG.fExpiring FuturesNormal HoursNormal Hours
NGAS.fExpiring FuturesNormal HoursEarly Close 21:30
SB.fExpiring FuturesNormal HoursClosed
UKBRENT.fExpiring FuturesNormal HoursEarly Close 20:30
SILVER.fExpiring FuturesNormal HoursEarly Close 21:30
USCOPPER.fExpiring FuturesNormal HoursEarly Close 21:30
USCOFFEE.fExpiring FuturesNormal HoursClosed
TY10.fExpiring FuturesNormal HoursEarly Close 20:00
JPN225.fExpiring FuturesNormal HoursEarly Close 20:00
NE25.fExpiring FuturesNormal HoursNormal Hours
CC.fExpiring FuturesNormal HoursClosed
CT.fExpiring FuturesNormal HoursClosed
HK50.fExpiring FuturesClosedNormal Hours
USCORN.fExpiring FuturesNormal HoursClosed
SOYB.fExpiring FuturesNormal HoursClosed
USWHEAT.fExpiring FuturesNormal HoursClosed
ES35.fExpiring FuturesNormal HoursNormal Hours
SWI20.fExpiring FuturesNormal HoursNormal Hours
UK100.fExpiring FuturesNormal HoursEarly Close 23:00
F40.fExpiring FuturesNormal HoursNormal Hours

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