How to change the font size in MT5? 

Updated on May 25, 2024

Unfortunately, there is no option with MetaTrader 5 (MT5) to adjust the font size of your x and y axis values.

However, there are two things that you can do that might help with optimising how these values are displayed.  



Change Chart Resolution  #

Click the Window tab on the top menu and hover over Resolution, then select the highest resolution appropriate for your monitor. In MT5, there are six different resolutions available, ranging from 640×360 to 3840×2160. However, if you select a resolution that exceeds the current display capabilities, the setting will not be applied.



How to Change the Font Size in MT5? 



Adjust Scale #

Right click on any chart and select “properties”



How to Change the Font Size in MT5? 


  1. You can use the Scale bar to adjust the scale on the horizontal axis (time) and the vertical axis (price). If you shift the bar to the right, the scale will expand relative to the time and price. If you move it to the left, the scale will shrink relative to the time and price.
  1. Select “Scale points per bar” and then choose a value per bar that best suits you. The smaller the value, the more granular view of the chart will be presented. 
How to Change the Font Size in MT5? 
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