How to connect your TraderKeys?

Updated on May 25, 2024
  1. Download the MQL5 file that will allow you to use your TraderKeys keyboard with MetaTrader 5. You can find the link here. Save the MQL5 file somewhere on your computer for easy access when you need it. The file name is Trader_Keys.mql5.
  2. Install the file in MetaTrader 5. First, open MetaTrader 5 and log in with your BlackBull Markets credentials. Then click on File > Open data folder. Navigate through the MQL5 folder and then to the Experts folder. This is where you need to place the Trader_Keys MQL5 file downloaded in Step 1. After this, you need to restart MT5, so go ahead and close it.
  3. Connect the TraderKeys keyboard to your computer via Bluetooth. First, turn on the TraderKeys keyboard by sliding the power button to the right and press the Bluetooth button until a blue light flashes. Second, visit the Bluetooth settings on your computer. If you are on a Windows device, search for “Bluetooth” in the search box. In this window, select “Add Bluetooth or other device” and then click on the “Bluetooth” option. Search for “N960 Numeric Keyboard” and select it, then click Done. The blue light will turn green when the keyboard is properly connected.
  4. Connect the keyboard to your MetaTrader 5 chart. Open MetaTrader 5 again, log in to your account and open the chart of an asset you want to trade. In the Navigator window, click the plus button next to Expert Advisors. You can now drag and drop the Trader_Keys file onto the chart, or simply double-click on the file. You will need to do this for each chart you want to pair the keyboard with. A window will open to configure the TraderKeys options. Click Accept after browsing and configuring these options.
  5. To open a trade, first make sure that algorithmic trading is enabled (ALGO TRADING) in the top menu, then click to open the calculator on “OPEN CALC” to view the entry positions, as well as take profit and stop loss levels. Use the arrow keys to switch between a long or short position, and then click to open a trade in “OPEN TRADE”. This will open an operation according to the settings you confirmed when attaching the MQL5 file to your chart. If you wish to open more than one transaction, you can modify and close the transactions by clicking on the “MODIFY POS” button. You will see which operation you are working on in the lower right corner. The selected operation will be affected if you use “CLOSE ALL”, “CLOSE HALF” and “CLOSE CUSTOM”.
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