Which Fed speaker moves the market the most?

  • This week is particularly eventful, with a lineup of key speakers scheduled to share their perspectives on economic conditions and monetary policy. 

We have another eventful week ahead with numerous Federal Reserve officials scheduled to speak publicly. Anecdotally, I seem to recall Mester and Kashkari are two of the most impactful speakers, and this week provides an excellent opportunity to see if this holds true. Kashkari recently left The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), so his impact might be lessened these days though.  

Here is the lineup of Fed speakers for the week, in order of appearance: 


  • Loretta J. Mester 
  • Neel Kashkari 
  • Lisa D. Cook 


  • John C. Williams 
  • Dr. Raphael W. Bostic 


  • John C. Williams (second appearance) 
  • Lorie K. Logan 


  • Dr. Raphael W. Bostic (second appearance) 

Their speeches might offer valuable insights into the Fed’s future actions and the overall economic outlook. It seems that these speeches can occasionally be more impactful than major Fed decision days. It’s almost as if the market perceives these talks as a glimpse behind the curtain, potentially providing an insider perspective that may be less tightly controlled than those of Fed Chair Jerome Powell. 

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