Notice regarding scam websites

Official Warning

It has come to our attention that the website,, is operating a sophisticated investor scam, illegitimately posing as the New Zealand based financial services provider, BlackBull Markets. 
The operators behind the scam are in no way associated with BlackBull Markets. 
Their website imitates aspects of BlackBull Markets and falsely uses our name in order to mislead and deceive customers in both New Zealand and abroad into believing that they are dealing with us so as to defraud these customers. 
The relevant authorities have been informed of this scam and we are taking all necessary legal action to protect against any attempt to infringe on our copyrights, trademarks, and intellectual property. 
We have been in communication with clients who have alerted us to the fact that they have been defrauded through this website. 
There has recently been an increasing trend of scammers attempting to impersonate BlackBull Markets and take advantage of our clients globally. 
This is a concern that we take very seriously, and a number of individuals have now been persecuted. 
We ask all clients to please be cautious of potential spam, phishing calls, emails, fake websites, and social media profiles posing as BlackBull Markets and take the necessary steps to ensure their online security. 
To report any other scam attempts, please reach out to

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