BlackBull Markets Ranks #1 in Execution Speed Study

execution speed

BlackBull Markets has ranked #1 in the industry for execution speed, consistently outperforming the industry in both limit order and market order speed tests in a recent study conducted by, one of the industry’s most respected independent bodies. 

The study revealed that BlackBull Markets achieved average execution speeds of less than 75 milliseconds. The industry average during the study was recorded at 130 milliseconds, while only 6 brokers achieved a sub-100 millisecond average. With speeds under 100 milliseconds, traders have a better chance of avoiding slippage and getting the price they desire for their order. 

“The remarkably low latency is a testament to the power of our STP/NDD model, which enables us to lead the industry, as well as outperform market-making brokers by 50 milliseconds or more,” says Michael Walker, Chief Executive Officer of BlackBull Markets. “We invest heavily in our trading infrastructure and partnerships that allow for strategically placed data centers. This way we can ensure our clients have the fastest execution speeds in the industry.” 

Learn more about the study.

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