How long will it take Rivian to get back to its IPO price?

Rivian Automotive (NASDAQ: RIVN), the budding electric vehicle maker, initially bank-rolled by the likes of Ford (NYSE: F) and Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN), is currently trading 80% lower than its peak since listing on the Nasdaq stock exchange. Bear in mind that Rivian...
SQ stock

What to expect with SQ stock earnings report

What to expect with SQ stock earnings report? Block Inc (NYSE: SQ), the point-of-sale payment provider formerly known as Square, is reporting its Q4 2022 earnings this Thursday, February 24. The usual market dynamic of ‘good report = stock price rise’...
Russian de-escalation

Russian de-escalation sharply moving markets

Several equities have reacted sharply over Tuesday trading to the suggestion that Russia is de-escalating its presence on the Russia/Ukraine border. As reported by Reuters, Russia has begun to move an undisclosed number of its troops away from the Ukrainian border after...
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