Why is the EU in danger of stagflation?

eu stagflation

Talks of a looming stagflation in the European Union have intensified over the past month as the region suffers from what many describe as the worst conflict in the continent in decades, threatening skyrocketing inflation, supply shortages, job losses and famine. Even before the Ukraine invasion began, European countries had already suffered the worst economic shock since World War II in 2020 when the disruptions caused by the…

Will chaos in nickel prices disrupt the EV boom?

nickel EV

The nickel market has been in disarray in recent weeks as prices soared to unprecedented levels before going on a freefall amid supply concerns and an unexpected short-squeeze by one of the world’s largest steelmakers. Nickel is one of the most common metal elements in the world used to make stainless steel, batteries, coins, and other metal applications. Russia is one of the world’s largest producers of…

Who is expecting a 50 basis points hike from the Fed in March?

50 basis points hike thumb no text

The markets are trying to anticipate whether the Federal Reserve is leaning toward a 25 basis points hike or a 50 basis points for its Interest Rate Decision in March. A rate hike is all but guaranteed, but the exact value of the hike is up in the air. The decision is due on March 16, so there just under a month for investors to analyse the comments of Fed officials and set their positions.

What to expect with SQ stock earnings report

SQ stock

What to expect with SQ stock earnings report? Block Inc (NYSE: SQ), the point-of-sale payment provider formerly known as Square, is reporting its Q4 2022 earnings this Thursday, February 24. The usual market dynamic of ‘good report = stock price rise’ and ‘bad report = stock price fall’ may not be entirely appropriate to expect after the report’s release. The usual market dynamic of ‘good…

Russian de-escalation sharply moving markets

Russian de-escalation

Several equities have reacted sharply over Tuesday trading to the suggestion that Russia is de-escalating its presence on the Russia/Ukraine border. As reported by Reuters, Russia has begun to move an undisclosed number of its troops away from the Ukrainian border after completing mock defence exercises. Even so, tensions have not entirely dissipated. NATO, US, and UK officials remain…

WTI Falls 13% In A Day; The Battle For The Price Of Oil Continues

The price of oil dropped 13% on Friday (26/11/21), marking the commodities worst single day in 2021. A drop in oil prices this large was last seen in January/February 2020, when WTI was making its way down to unprecedented negative per barrel territory. No one expects oil to veer this low again, but the comparison to 2020 is apt, with Coronavirus responsible for the commodity’s downfall on both occasions.

Are Commodity Prices Going Up? A Review Of Lumber, Cash Crops, And Iron Ore

Some interesting factors are currently affecting commodity prices. Supply chain bottlenecks, unpredictable demand from economies reopening, geo-political tensions, climate change policies are just a few examples. I find it helpful to review the state of the commodities market periodically. In this article, we will examine Lumber, Cash Crops, and Iron Ore.

Afghanistan Conflict and Commodity Prices

The political, social, and military turmoil currently occurring in Afghanistan will have wide-ranging consequences. Some of which have, of course, already played out. Some will play out over a more extended period.

Can Silver Break Its Trading Range?

Silver has rejected prices lower than $21.5 and higher than ~$30.0 for more than a year now. What it hasn’t done is crossed below its 50-day simple moving average in this time. We might expect a very strong retest of the $21.5 level in the next couple of weeks. Strengthening this proposition is a separation of the alligator bands and not much indication in the way of a reversal of trajectory.

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