Trade on TradingView with BlackBull Markets

Elevate your trading experience with best in class charting tools and receive free TradingView Essential, Plus, or Premium.

TradingView with BlackBull Markets

TradingView and BlackBull Markets can take your trading to the next level with up to 25 indicators per chart, 8-chart layouts, and 400 price and technical alerts.

Why Trade with TradingView and BlackBull?

BlackBull Markets is proud to offer our clients the option to trade with TradingView, the world’s most popular charting platform and vibrant trading community.


Trade with TradingView on desktop, web, and mobile and enjoy premier trading integrated into your charting dashboard.

Free TradingView


No Minimum

Multiple indicators per chart

Make confident trading decisions with up to 25 indicators per chart that help make sense of recent market movements.

Price and technical alerts

Up to 400 price alerts and 400 technical alerts that enable you to stay ahead of every single move in the market.

Deep Backtesting

Deep backtest your trading strategy on up to 20,000 replay bars, equivalent to 6 months of 1-minute candlesticks.

Advertising Free

TradingView Essential, Plus, and Premium are completely ad free, providing you with an immersive experience without any annoying ads.

Why BlackBull Markets?


Tradable Assets


Leverage up to




Customer Support


No Minimum Deposit

Connect to TradingView

TradingView is a browser native platform. Visit to get started. Alternatively, you can download the TradingView app for Apple iOS and Android. Bear in mind, order execution is not available on the TradingView mobile app.

Why TradingView?

leading charts

Customise 15+ chart types in combination with 90+ drawing tools.


Trigger alerts on numerous conditions, including price and indicator values.


Use historical data and detailed reporting to test your strategies and setups.

technical analysis

Utilise 100+ pre-built and 1,000+ custom-built technical indicators.

analytical suit

Screen assets with 100+ descriptive and technical criteria.

Pine Script™

Developing your own automated indicators and strategies.

How to get Free TradingView Premium with BlackBull Markets?

Connect BlackBull Markets to TradingView and trade 10 lots p/m

Step 1

Create BlackBull Markets Account

Create an account with BlackBull

Markets in less than 5 minutes

Step 2

Your Account

Use our Secure Client Area to fund your

account and start trading

Step 3

Your Account

Connect to your

BlackBull Markets account

Step 4

Trade lot conditions

Trade lot requirements detailed in terms and conditions,

then receive the cost of TradingView Premium credited to your account



  • How much do TradingView’s paid plans cost?

    TradingView’s paid plans can cost up to US$719.40 per year. However, BlackBull Markets clients can receive free TradingView Essential, TradingView Plus, or TradingView Premium depending on their trading volume.

  • What is the minimum deposit?

    There is no minimum deposit required to create a TradingView account.  

  • Is TradingView suitable for beginner traders?

    Yes, TradingView’s user-friendly interface makes it a suitable platform for beginners. Additionally, the community forum provides an opportunity for new traders to learn from experienced traders.  

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