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Shares Trading vs. Live Trading:
What's the Difference?

Shares Trading Account involves buying and selling stocks in individual companies, allowing you to become a shareholder and benefit from their growth. It’s a long-term investment strategy with potential dividends and capital appreciation.

Live Trading Account, on the other hand, refers to actively trading financial instruments like Forex, Commodities, and Indices as CFDs. It focuses on short-term price movements and aims to profit from market volatility.

At BlackBull Markets, we offer both Shares Trading and Live Trading, giving you access to a diverse range of investment options.

BlackBull Shares Trading Platform

Our user-friendly Shares Trading platform provides a seamless experience for buying and selling stocks. Take advantage of comprehensive research tools, real-time market data, and customizable charts to make informed investment decisions.

Key Features:

  • Transparent low commissions help minimize costs to maximize your returns
  • Access real-time share market data and financial news
  • Analyse stocks with advanced charting tools
  • Set price alerts and manage your portfolio with ease

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Amount InvestedBlackBull MarketsASBJardenForsyth Barr
$1000 in $10.00$90.00$69.50$19.50
$5000 in $10.00$90.00$69.50$67.50
$10,000 in $40.00 $100.00$69.50$127.50
Amount InvestedBlackBull MarketsASBJardenForsyth Barr
Amount InvestedBlackBull MarketsASBJardenForsyth Barr
CountryBlackBull MarketsJarden Securities LimitedForsyth BarrASB Securities
United StatesCommission: $0.06 USD per share, minimum $10 USD per trade and a maximum of 0.4% of the trade valueCommission: $69.50 USD or 0.60%, whichever is greaterCommission: 1.2% of transaction value + $7.50 USD trading fee for US shares, 0.5% to 1% currency exchange feeCommission: 0.60% (minimum $50 USD per trade) + agency fee of 0.4% (minimum $40 USD for trades up to $50,000 USD), 1.5% to 2% currency exchange fee
AustraliaCommission: 0.18% of trade value or minimum $12.00 AUD per trade, whichever is higherCommission: $29 AUD per trade up to $30,000 AUD + 0.30% for value over $30,000 AUDMaximum brokerage fee: 1.5% of total trade value (minimum $80 AUD)Commission: $15 AUD (up to $1,000 AUD), $30 AUD (over $1,000 AUD and up to $10,000 AUD), 0.30% (over $10,000 AUD)
New ZealandCommission: 0.25% of trade value or minimum $12.00 NZD per trade, whichever is higherCommission: $29.90 NZD per trade up to $15,000 NZD + 0.20% for value over $15,000 NZDMaximum brokerage fee: 1.5% of total trade value (minimum $50 NZD) + NZX trading fee of $0.50 NZD per tradeCommission: $15 NZD (up to $1,000 NZD), $30 NZD (over $1,000 NZD and up to $10,000 NZD), 0.30% (over $10,000

All equity prices are for the purpose of example only and are accurate as of 9/3/2023.
All fee structures were obtained from the respective company’s publicly available information and are accurate at the time of publishing.

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