Nonfarm Payrolls

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Nonfarm Payrolls present the number of new jobs created during the given month, in all non-agricultural sectors of the US economy. Calculation does not include military and intelligence services, self-employed citizens and those employed on private households.

The list of reported sectors includes professional and business services, healthcare, financial sector, mining, construction, trade, transportation and warehousing, recreation and hospitality.

This reports is one of the most important US economic indicators, which is used in the evaluation of the country’s economic health. It is often considered an indicator tending to move the market. Non-farm payrolls cover about 80% of employees producing the entire GDP of the United States.

Indicator growth suggests that more consumers will earn money, which means that both consumption and consumer spending will grow. This stimulates economic growth.

The release of this report usually increases volatility in foreign exchange markets. Indicator growth is seen as positive for dollar quotes.

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