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The gross domestic product (GDP) is determined quarterly and annually from the national accounts which are calculated according to the domestic concept by the economic activities in the economic territory of the Federal Republic of Germany.

In addition to all suitable current economic statistical surveys available on the relevant reporting date, including other data sources such as those of the finance and tax system, the Federal Employment Agency, the data of large companies, etc., the national accounts are also included. The national accounts are determined both on the origination side, i.e. the gross value added of industry and service providers excluding taxes, and on the consumption side, i.e. consumer spending, investments and net exports (exports – imports). Both sides are coordinated and the result is the value of GDP that is published.

The values of the national accounts and thus of the GDP can be price-adjusted and this is done on an annual basis on the price basis of the previous year. For this purpose, the annual results are evaluated in average prices of the previous year, which then form comparable time series by chain-linking. In Germany, the so-called annual overlap method is used for the quarters whose results are consistently linked to the annual results. The seasonal and calendar-related fluctuations are calculated and published using the Census X-12-ARIMA method on the one hand and the Berlin BV 4.1 method on the other.

The figures are comparable both within Europe and internationally. In terms of time, there is uninterrupted comparability for the whole of Germany from 1991 and from 1970 to 1991 for West Germany, before that only to a limited extent.

The gross domestic product Quarter on Quarter shows the changes in monetary values of the reported quarter compared to the previous quarter. The figures are price, seasonal and calendar adjusted. GDP growth may have a positive impact on the euro exchange rate.

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