GDP Quarter on Quarter

New York Time:
Feb 14 2024 |
6:50 pm - 7:20 pm

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GDP (Gross Domestic Product) quarter on quarter ratio reflects the amount of all goods and services produced in Japan in the specified quarter compared to the previous quarter. This calculation takes into account private consumption, government expenditure, cost of all companies, and net exports of the country. In Japan, it includes non-market services, such as government services and private housing rental fees, but usually does not include unpaid activities such as volunteering or unpaid chores.

Currently Japan is the third largest country in the World GDP ranking, after U.S. and China. The GDP of Japan has been declining since the late 1990s. This decrease is due to the low real growth rate and full deflation. In recent years, there is an assumption that the economic rise cannot be felt even if the GDP grows in Japan.

Gross domestic product (GDP) is the broadest standard of economic activity, and is an important indicator for determining the state of the nation’s economy. The quarterly rate fluctuations in GDP generally indicate economic growth. Measures higher than expected are considered positive/bullish for JPY, while lower than expected are interpreted as negative/bearish for JPY.

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