Core Durable Goods Orders Month on Month

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Core Durable Goods Orders Month on Month reflect a change in the value of orders received by US manufacturers of durable goods in the given month compared to the previous one. Durable goods are the goods expected to last more than three years, such as appliances, equipment, etc.

The production of transport industry is excluded from the calculation.

The indicator calculation includes all new orders confirmed by mandatory legal documents (contracts, letters, checks, etc.). Canceled orders are not included in the report.

Data for processing are collected from the survey of more than 5,000 manufacturers of durable goods representing 92 industries.

‘Durable Goods Orders’ is a leading economic indicator of industrial production. Usually, companies and consumers create such orders when they are confident of economy growth. In addition, production of durable goods takes more time than non-durables. Therefore, this report can be used by investors to prepare a forecast for the near-term load of industrial enterprises, as well to assess the potential of investment in engineering, technological production, etc.

The data is highly volatile due to the high cost of goods, that is why data for several months are usually analyzed. The growth in the number of durable goods orders can positively affect US dollar quotes.

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