BlackBull Markets Transforms Global Branding

BlackBull Markets is pleased to share its updated brand profile, reflecting the leadership position that it has achieved in its industry and the modern, technology-driven, user-friendly experience of its clients.

Under the leadership of BlackBull Markets’ Marketing Manager Anita Hayhoe, the brand update was undertaken by global media agency Dentsu New Zealand. Hayhoe commissioned Dentsu New Zealand, for its reputation for experience-led profile transformations, having been impressed with recent creative projects for Rocket Lab and Qantas Airways. 

Praising the outcome, Hayhoe noted, “the Company’s brand update has been a chance to encapsulate what our clients experience every day, and will be integral in communicating the quality of the many BlackBull Markets’ products and services“.

The rebranding process coincided with a comprehensive set of market research, performed to home in on how BlackBull Markets is viewed by clients and staff alike. We arrived at a brand that is the hero for our customers, igniting their potential for greatness.

As such, Hayhoe further noted that “the rebrand has sought to exemplify two key facets in reaction to the insights provided by Dentsu’s research. The first is our role as the go-to platform for investors looking for more from their financial providers, and the second is the trader-centric experience we offer, built upon principles of transparency, low fees, education, and a high availability of support staff and account managers.“

Alluding to future projects, Chief Operating Officer Benjamin Boulter indicated that “the brand update is the first step in a series of product and business expansion plans, which the company is implementing to further improve our offerings and operations. The team is looking forward to rolling out these projects across quarters one and two of 2022. We expect these projects to be no less than game-changing for the company and our clients”.

We welcome you to explore our new branding profile, implemented site-wide and on all our social touchpoints.

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