BlackBull Markets now offering New Zealand Share CFDs

BlackBull Markets is proud to announce the launch of its New Zealand Share CFDs. 

BlackBull Markets is one of the only brokers in the world to offer CFDs based on New Zealand Exchange (NZX) listed shares. On offer are CFDs based on large well-known companies like Spark, Meridian Energy, Auckland International Airport, Infratil, A2 Milk, and Air New Zealand, in addition to smaller but highly volatile stocks including Pushpay, Skellerup Holdings, Restaurant Brands, and Warehouse Group. 

Share CFDs offer investors the opportunity to profit from the rising or falling of a stock price, making them a flexible alternative to simple stock-investing. Today’s economic climate of high inflation, rising interest rates, and energy insecurity means that investor opportunities in regard to share CFDs are heightened. 

As such, Chief Business Development Officer of BlackBull Markets, Anish Lal believes it is imperative that investors are given the option to profit from the rising and falling of stock prices in the local market, noting the reason the company sought out the development of these CFD products; “BlackBull Markets is a proud NZ-based company, and we keep a close eye on the local market. We are keenly aware of the opportunities available in NZX stocks and want our clients to share in these opportunities. With CFD trading, the opportunities that exist in the NZX rival those available in more well-known markets like that which we already offer”.  

In total, BlackBull Markets offer more than 2000 share and index CFDs from 10 global exchanges, including the London Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange, in addition to its traditional share trading platform, BlackBull Shares, that offer access to more than 80 exchanges across the world. 

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